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PERUGIA (Umbria)

45 minutes from Palazzo Terranova
Perugia is the capital of Umbria with splendid monuments from the Etruscan era to the late Renaissance right next to one another. It is a bustling university town full of life that has always been the centre of much attention. Perugia is known also for the fine chocolate that is produced there – any visit must be accompanied by some ‘Baci’ chocolate.

The biggest annual event is a jazz festival which is held in July and attracts many renowned international performers. In October, chocolate lovers get to indulge their taste buds at the annual festival.

The city contains many museums, the main one being the Galleria Nazionale dell’Umbria which is inside the magnificent Palazzo dei Priori. A walk down the main Corso Vannucci from the Rocca to the Fontana, will lead you to the museum. From here, take a stroll down the Via dei Priori for a step back in time.

Directions to Perugia
Head down the bottom of the hill and turn left. Follow this road through Badia Petroia, Bivio Lugnano, and Trestina. From Trestina head to Promano and take the E45, direction Perugia/Rome. Follow all signs for Perugia. To go into the historical centre exit at Ponte Felcino and follow all signs for “centro”. Parking is best in the large car parks situated just slightly out of the historical centre marked with a blue “P”. Aim for ‘Piazza dei Partigiani’ and take the escalators up to the centre.