GUBBIO (Umbria)

1 hour from Palazzo Terranova
An Umbrian mountain town that is over 2500 years old and still maintains a medieval ambiance. The town, after being destroyed after too many battles, was re-built on the side of the mountain, with walls protecting the city for future battles. The most recent was a 3 week fight between the Allies and the Germans during the Second World War.

With a history as varied as this town, there are many interesting places to visit which include the Museo Civico and the Pinacoteca Comunale, the Palazzo dei Consoli and the Piazza della Signoria and the Ducal Palaces (1470). St Francis also visited the city and had a famous conversation with a wolf, whose descendents still roam the woods and forests behind the town. Churches in Gubbio are the Santa Maria Nuova, San Pietro, San Francesco, San Domenico and San Giovanni with of course the Cathedral from 8th century. The Mayor-Palace and grandiose open-sided gallery of shooters is also interesting and a little outside the main centre are the remains of the Roman theatre.

Of the many mediaeval festivals that Gubbio hosts, the most fascinating is the ‘Corsa dei Ceri' (the running of the candles) every year on 15 May where three large ‘candles' weighing 200kgs each are carried by teams of ten men through the town and up the hill to the Church of Sant' Ubaldo.

Directions to Gubbio
Go down at the bottom of the hill and turn left. Pass through Ronti, Badia Petroia, Bivio Lugnano and once in Trestina, at the first STOP sign turn right. Follow the directions to the highway E45 (super strada). Take the E45 to Perugia and take the exit to Gubbio. Now follow all directions to Gubbio.