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ASSISI (Umbria)

45 mins from Palazzo Terranova
The town well known for it’s chosen son – St Francis, who is also the patron saint of Italy. It has not always been a peaceful town with many wars fought at Assisi, starting from the 6th Century. But from the prosperous 13th and 14th Centuries, Assisi has retained one of the greatest hordes of frescoes in the Basilica di San Francesco. For pilgrims, Assisi is the third most visited site in Italy. In 1997, Assisi sustained damage from the earthquake that shook the area. Some frescoes were damaged, two friars and two journalists were killed; but after being closed for 2 years, the Basilica was reopened with all restorations finished.

Apart from the religious sites, of interest also are the Rocca, the pagan temple, the Forum, the amphitheatre, epigraphs, wells, statues and parts of the city walls that tell the history of this incredible city. On the way to Assisi, stop in Santa Maria degli Angeli and see the basilica with the ‘Porziuncola’ (the little portion) in the middle.

Directions to Assisi
Head down to the bottom of the hill and then turn left. Pass through Ronti, Badia Petroia and Bivio Lugnano and onto Trestina. Once in Trestina turn left at the first stop sign and follow the directions to Promano and the E45 highway (superstrada) direction Perugia/Roma. Take the E45 in the direction of Perugia/Rome and follow all signs for Assisi.